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FutureX Insurance Brokers

The team behind FutureX has been helping New Zealanders with their property and insurance needs for 12,115 days and counting.  With both age and youth on our side, we feel as though we are just beginning on a very exciting path.

We manage business and property insurance cover on behalf of our valued clients throughout New Zealand, placing  insurance with quality underwriters from around the world.

Our directors , Simran Bhatthal and Craig Dunlop, front our operation, with passion and knowledge gained from experience in dealing, managing, and owning numerous commercial properties. As a team, they have proven they’re not here for a short time, but a long and rewarding time.

Our style and values are as Kiwi as it comes. We are very clear how we as Kiwi’s want to be treated and looked after. We know what is important and we fight, fight very hard to get the best for our clients.  And generally, we win, because you see, we win when our clients win.

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