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FMG has a proud history of supporting the Manawatu. For us it’s not just about having an office space in the city. It’s where our employees live and raise their families.

We’re passionate about being part of the region and investing in the wider community to help its growth.

Through our sponsorship program, which focuses on supporting rural achievement, we get in behind local events big and small, from backing the FMG Stadium right through to school pet days.

Our support for people and communities began over one hundred years ago when a group of farmers got together and began FMG. This was done to give rural New Zealand a better deal; a philosophy that’s as strong today as in 1905 when the Mutual started.

At FMG we’re different to other insurers. We’re New Zealand owned, rurally focused and we pride ourselves on understanding our clients and their businesses.

Building relationships is important to us and we have over 100 front-line employees nationwide who are dedicated to getting out on the road and visiting clients, no matter how remote their location.

Taking this direct approach allows us to talk with clients and get a first-hand understanding of their business, their farm and their goals. Providing the right personalised insurance is only part of what we do. We also provide risk advice, which is all about helping people understand the very real issues that clients have previously experienced and sharing those experiences.

We also draw on over a century’s experience to share our knowledge. With this shared knowledge clients are better informed on taking risks – something we feel is important because without risk there can be no achievement.

At FMG we put people at the centre of everything we do so, if you think it’s time to get a second opinion on your insurance then ask around about us or give FMG a call on 0800 366 466.

Phone us: 04 460 4013
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