Welcome to the Manawatū Business Chamber

Welcome to the Manawatū Business Chamber

Our aim is to support business growth and vitality throughout the Manawatu region, and we do this by focusing on three core areas; advocacy, networking and building business capability.
We host a wide range of training, networking events and additional services to encourage growth and development in the Manawatu Region, and as a Chamber member, you can take advantage of our business directory and exclusive member-to-member discounts.
Join today to be Informed – Connected – Influential.

What is a Chamber of Commerce

Grand Hotel Palmerston North, Manawatu Chamber of Commerce

Grand Hotel, Palmerston North, circa 1910

A Chamber of Commerce is a coalition of area businesses, industries, organisations, and professionals who pool their talents and resources to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of their community.
Businesses and organisations are eligible to belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Membership fees are structured so even the smallest business can be a member.
The Chamber is an advocate and service organisation for business. It provides a venue through which business professionals can take effective action for the progress and growth of their communities.
Benefits of becoming a Chamber member:
• Becoming part of an organisation with a strong credible voice that speaks out on behalf of business and industry.
• Allows you to shape your community by participating in areas that apply business-oriented solutions to community concerns.
• Accessing one of the most efficient, effective networking systems available to promote your business and expand your customer base.
• Your Local Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly to promote their members and can provide you with resources and referrals to grow your business.
• Boosting your community image and increase your sales.